eyelashe extensions


DAY 1:

      Enjoy them, and let them be! Allow the adhesive to do it's job + completely cure to 100%. Don't fuss about with excessive combing or     touching. Wash before bed + again in the morning. You’re not even stressed, because you planned ahead + scheduled your first Infill at the 2 week mark (where you will have at least 50% of your extensions remaining).



DAY 2 + ON + ON: 

Every single day, cleanse your lashes 1-2X with an extension safe cleanser + soft bristled brush. Rinse, blot dry + softly comb with a mascara spoolie. Loyal lash clients book their Infills months in advance to make sure their self car lash naps are booked around their busy lives. Weddings, birthdays, vacations. Lashes are an accessory that lives with you. They’re easy to fall in love with + can easily fit into most lifestyles with the proper education.

  • Use oil-free makeup remover.

  • Pay special attention to your lash line when removing makeup

  • .Gently clean  your lashes with the cleanser, brush, and rinse bottle provided to you at your appointment. Please let me know if you   need a  refill of the cleanser, or if you need to purchase any of these items

  • After cleansing your lashes, gently pat them dry with a VIVA brand paper towel or blow dry them with a blow dryer on a cool setting held at arm's length.  A small, hand-held fan is also a good option for drying your lashes.

  • Brush lashes twice a day with the wand provided to you at your appointment. Do not over brush them, as this can cause them to fall off prematurely.

  • Sleep on your back or on your side with lashes off the pillow.  A special sleeping mask that protects your lashes can be purchased.

  • Schedule regular touch-up appointments (fills) every 2-3 weeks.

  • Don't tan or spray tan 48 - 72 hours after application.

  • Don't use mascara on your lashes.

  • Don't perm curl your lashes.

  • Don't pull or tug on your lashes. 

  • Don't  rub your eyes.

  • Avoid saunas and hot steam (including facials) while wearing extensions.

  • Avoid letting water from your shower head run directly onto your lashes.

  • Do not use eyeliner pencils - use an oil-free felt or pen tip only.        

  • Do not use cotton balls or pads with loose fibers that can catch on your lash extensions.

  • NEVER attempt to remove your lash extensions - they must be professionally removed. If I applied your lash extensions, I will remove them free of charge. If another technician applied your lashes, there is a $35+ fee.

Contact me with any questions or concerns.


EYELASH eye·lash /ˈīˌlaSH/ noun

each of the short curved hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids, serving to protect the eyes from dust particles.

  • On average, we each have between 60-150 eyelashes per eye, distributed in 1-5 staggered rows across the eyelid, aka ‘eyelash or lash line’.

  • Each lash’s individual cycle is 3-6 weeks.

  • We naturally lose 2-5 lashes every single day + experience two larger lash sheds a year (like all mammals).

  • When applied properly, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural eyelashes.


  •  If it looks like you need a fill, you’ve waited too long. Book a Removal + Full Set.

  • Longer appointments = more time for lashing. In addition to your habits + overall retention, how dense your lashes are naturally also play into how long you’ll need for each appt.     Do yourself a favor- when in doubt, choose the longer appt. You wouldn’t be happy with half a bang trim, would you?

  • NO STRIP LASHES. If you need more fluff, ask for it + prepare to upgrade your service. Over the counter temporary falsie glue can leave a harsh, sticky residue on your lashes. Not only that, natural lashes can get ripped out prematurely in their removal, causing unnecessary damage


  • No picking or pulling. Our fingers carry disgusting germs  

  • Wait 24 hours for your spray tan. TBH, DLS isn’t too familiar with spray tanning procedures or chemicals, but we’ve read this over + over.

  • Tears + sweat should be rinsed ASAP. Rinse immediately, but try to use the brush + cleanser as quickly as possible. Even marathoners + hot yoga lovers can    enjoy their lashes when they’re kept clean!

  • Avoid heat. Heat of all kinds. Heat from saunas, bbqs, ovens, boiling pots, super hot showers, + that heat tunnel created between your face + your hand when  you light up that cig or doobie. The extension (a synthetic material) will melt, fuse together, lose it’s curl +/or singe causing damage to your natural lashes.

  • No sleeping on your face. Friction from your pillowcase can interfere with your retention. Try a silk pillowcase, a 3D eye mask, or a neck pillow.

  • What are you even using/doing? Pay attention. To your habits (srsly- stop touching your face). Your products. Your retention (does one eye always keep  better than the other? Could be sleep or snugging habits). Your likes + dislikes. Your medications. When you’re more aware of what’s happing in your  environment + pair it with a clear idea of ‘what you want’, you ultimately will be a happier lash client.

  • Beware of the products you use. Mascara is a big fat NO. Lots of eye products will adhere to the your lashes, the extensions, or interfere with the bond- ruining  your beautiful set. Resist waxy, oily and waterproof makeup. As well as some oil cleansers + makeup setters.

  • DLS’s #1 tip for superb retention… Keep em clean! Build up of skin, dirt, oils, sweat, sebum, etc. will suffocate your lashes + they will DIE. They will fall out  prematurely, + if this continues and they’re able to grow back, they will be weak + frail. Should your lashes have an extreme build up, a removal will be  suggested. Depending on your natural lashes condition after the removal, either a new set or a break from the service will be suggested. Eye disease is no joke - + DLS will not knowingly allow our clients to let bacteria breed upon their eyelids.

- Remove any excess makeup around the eye using an eyelash extension safe makeup remover.​

- Grab your favorite lash extension cleanser and a fluffy eyeshadow brush.


- Squeeze one pump of your cleanser onto the brush.

- Swirl the brush across your eyelid, natural lash base  and lower lid. *If you notice the foam dissolving quickly ad another pump of cleanser.

- Rinse the eye with cold/warm water. 


- Repeat on the opposite eye.

- Once DRY brush lashes into place.

**Lash Tip! Clean lashes = better retention. 

How to cleanse your lash extensions!