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Our goal is to have you leaving each appointment with a FULL SET each and every time! Unlimited lashes applied. No lash counting here, just as many lashes as time allows!


Regardless of the Lash Set you choose, YOUR NATURAL LASH HEALTH IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We work with you to pick the most appropriate lash set to achieve your ideal look without overburdening your natural lashes.

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Classic Lashes

Natural definition

FULL SET | 2 hours | $165

A great alternative for the client who already has a good amount of lashes and wants to add length. This set will give you a mascara look, without the hassle of applying and removing daily. This method is safely applying 1 extension to 1 of your natural lash.



  • 2-3 WEEKS FILL -$60

  • 3-4 WEEKS FILL- $75


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Hybrid Lashes

The Perfect in-Between

FULL SET | 2-2.5 hours | $185

Is our most popular set for clients who are new to lash extensions. It is combining both the classic and volume techniques to provide texture and fullness to your lash line. The look of this set would be giving you a more than mascara look as it also provides you with density.   


  • 2-3 WEEKS FILL -$70

  • 3-4 WEEKS FILL- $85


Volume Lashes

The Full Lashes of Your Dreams

FULL SET | 2.5-3 hours | $205

 There are a few different styles that can be achieved with volume. A soft volume would be ideal for clients who have damaged and/or weak lashes, as a soft fan is actually lighter on your lashes than a single classic lash. A median to full volume would be ideal for clients who desire lashes that are more full and who are used to wearing a lot of eye makeup. The method of volume is creating handmade fans (anywhere from 2 to 7 extensions) during your service to be placed onto 1 of your natural lashes.


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  • 2-3 WEEKS FILL -$85

  • 3-4 WEEKS FILL- $105


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If you have extensions on already, your follow up + recurring appointments (have a variety of names depending where you go… infills, refills, etc.,) are called Fills.

Fills maintain your full lash line + are required every 2-3.5 weeks. With regularly scheduled Fills, you can wear your beautiful lashes indefinitely!

Upon arrival @ your Fill appt, you should have close to 50% of your lashes remaining. Your lashes are cleansed, prepped + all grown out lashes are removed. After the ‘clean up’ is complete, you’re lashed + double checked. Your personal style preferences can shift at any appt., just ask! Add a pop of glitter/color, build up your volume, create some texture or shift the shape! Fill service times vary depending on retention, service chosen + time since last appt. Questions about Fills? Head to the FAQ

Q: But what length Fill do I request? A: Thanks for asking, this answer is complicated + I offer you many questions to ask yourself:

1. How often do you want to come see me - weekly? bi weekly? once a month?

2. How many natural lashes do you have? Are the super dense or barely there + sparse?

3. How long can you lay for? Some clients can get any @ the 2 hr mark… others fall asleep. Are you able to physically lay + allow yourself to relax for a long appt?

4. What's your budget allow for? Lashes cost roughly



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DLS usually does an excellent job juggling multiple client’s availability + offering up scheduling advice to make sure you stay a happy lash client. Pro tip: ask yourself some questions: “How busy am I?  Do I prefer long or short appts? Do I mind noticing some lash loss, or does that bug me? Do I travel a ton + is my schedule always changing? Am I diligent with keeping them clean + fresh?” To be happy with your lash extensions, you NEED to be committed to maintaining them. Here is a “general guide”, though every client’s situation is different.

1 week: Touch up

2 weeks: 2-3 week Fill ( max 21 days)

3 weeks-3-4 week: Fill ( max 29 days)

29+ days: Removal + Full Set


* DLS accepts Foreign Lash Fills on a case by case basis - please, reach out to schedule a phone consultation before booking! There are many reputable Lash Artists in our area + many times you will not need a removal + new set to get on our fill schedule. However, there are certain instances where your current extensions are not up to DLS’s professional standards + your current lashes will need to be removed. You are able to get a removal in the same day and fresh full set in the different 

** Please arrive to your lash appointments WITHOUT MAKEUP ON OR NEAR THE EYES + come with freshly washed lashes. ILO starts each appt. with a complimentary Lash Bath, however, should your lashes need a double cleanse there will be a $10 up-charge.

If you’re currently wearing lash extensions + want to schedule with us, please get in touch!


If you are not currently wearing eyelash extensions, book a Full Set. If it has been over 3.5 weeks (25 days) since your last Fill, book a Full Set. Have hardly any lashes left? BOOK A FULL SET. Our recommendation is that when you book your Full Set to also schedule your first few Fills as well to make sure you don’t lose your spot on our books. Kelli can help you decide if a 2 or 3 week rotation is best for your lash style + personal habits, while considering your growth maintenance + appt length preferences. Keep in mind that longer appointments = more time for lashing (..if you have a lot of lashes, you’ll appreciate that extra half hr)!

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. How many natural lashes do you have? Are they super dense or barely there?

2. How often do you want to come see me - weekly? bi weekly? once a month? annnnnnnd… How long can you lay for? Some clients can get fidgety @ the 90 min mark, others fall asleep. Are you able to physically lay flat on your back + allow yourself to relax for a longer appt?

3. When you break it down, your extensions will cost you roughly $30 a week. What's your budget allow for?

Examples: A)  2 Fills a month= $140 B) 1 Fill + 1 Extended Fill= $ 160 

If you’re a more natural client, you may be able to go 3 weeks in between Fills, only needing 90 minute rotations! If you’re a Drama Llama, maybe you’re in every 2 weeks with an Extended, 2 hr fill. It really depends.

* 28 days  MAXIMUM in between fills.

• DLS does not carry lengths longer than 15mm.

*Need help booking your appointment? Contact DLS with your full name, email/phone # and realistic availability here