Adding Lashes


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Lash Lift Difference

Our Rapid Lash Lift products require only 3-5 minutes processing time for each solution vs. 12-20 minutes for other lash lift systems.

Exclusive Keratin "Lash Botox" treatment at the end of the lift procedure nourishes and re-hydrates the lashes to prevent damage similar to changes experienced in chemically treated hair. 


Our clients are able to shower, use makeup  and products containing oils without a fear of reversing the lift immediately after the procedure!


This unique formula is made in Canada, vegan, fragrance-free with all natural ingredients.

Eyelash Extensions Difference

Dream Lashes & Skin specializes in long lasting and damage-free application technique


Every full set of eyelash extensions comes with a complimentary touch-up appointment 3-5 days  after initial application if you experience any issues within the first 72 hours! 


Our high quality, low fume (formaldehyde-free and latex-free) adhesives doesn't require 24hr "no shower/no water" rule . 

You can take a shower in as little as 2 hours.


Our studio exclusively uses super-soft, ellipse lashes that are weightless comparing to standard eyelash extensions to preserve health of your natural lashes. Ellipse lashes adhere to natural lashes much better and stronger, giving most clients amazing retention for 3+ weeks, when proper aftercare steps are followed. 


Clients receive very generous, complimentary aftercare package and detailed instructions to ensure the best  lash retention and protection for their investment.

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