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Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist

Frequently Asked

Common questions about lash extensions and advanced skin care
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    In Washington, Eyelash Extension application services are only to be performed by a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician. Extensions are applied to a single, natural lash .5-1mm away from your eyelid with a Lash Adhesive (produced specifically for this service). Lash Extension ‘styles’ can be customized, but can almost always create a longer, fuller, bolder lash look than wearing mascara alone. DLS carries multiple lengths, colors, curls + widths, so we’re able to create a personalized set to complement your eyes + features.
  • Who are lash extensions for?
    Eyelash extensions are for any person wanting bolder, fuller, or longer eyelashes. They’re great for daily wear, or for glamorizing your look for a special occasion/vacation. Easily fitting into any lifestyle, they’re incredibly lightweight, comfortable + easy to take care of! SADLY, LASHES ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. If any of the following conditions apply to you, you may not be a good candidate for this service:​ ​ I do not have any eyelashes. Extensions are applied to your own natural eyelashes, not to your skin. If you do not have any eyelashes, you cannot have extensions applied. I cannot lay still on my back for 2-4 hours. Full sets are our longest appointments + they take time. If you do not think you’ll be able to lay still for up to 2-4 hours, we do not recommend this service for you. I have super sensitive skin. If you often have eye irritation/sensitivities on/near your face/eyes, we do not recommend this service for you. I rub my eyes frequently. Whether you rub from habit or allergies, if you’re unable to resist, we do not recommend this service for you. I am sick or have been exposed to sick people. Colds, sinus infections + allergies are a part of life. Not only do illness + medications play a large role in poor retention, your exposure could be passed along to others in the studio. If you’re sick, or have been exposed to sickness, we recommend that you wait until you are feeling 100% better. My eyes are very sensitive to light. My natural eyelashes are very, very curly. Curly lashes tend to dramatically shorten the wear time of lash extensions. If your lashes are very, very curly, you may not be a good candidate for lash extensions. I do not follow instructions. Hey. We get it. But, lash extension wear + home care is extremely important to your eyelash health. To understand maintenance of the service, you first must understand the service. If you do not understand the requirements before + after the application, this is probably not a service for you. You have had an allergic reaction to adhesive in the past. Once you develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive you will always react to the glue. Unfortunately you are not a good candidate for lashes anymore. Eyelash lifts will be an alternative for extensions .
  • Are eyelash extensions safe? How do I know my artist is qualified?
    Yes! The service itself is relaxing and pain free. Dream Lashes & Skin uses products developed with high standards of safety. Generally, Professional Lash Artists are credentialed beauticians who have successfully completed rigorous training and evaluation. ​ We encourage you to do your own research! It’s important to know if a Lash Artist is licensed, insured + properly trained. Seek out clear before + after photos of their work + get referrals from those you trust. Lash extensions don’t harm natural eyelashes when applied correctly. Check out Olgera's educational journey, certifications and more here.
  • How do I know which appointment to book?
    If you are not currently wearing eyelash extensions, book a Full Set. Has it been over 4 weeks (29 days) since your last fill? Book a Full Set. Have hardly any lashes left? Book a Full Set. Our recommendation is that when you book your Full Set, book your first Infill (2 weeks later) at the same time. From there, your Artist can help you decide if a 2 or 3 week rotation is best for your lash style + personal habits, while considering your growth maintenance + preferences. Keep in mind that longer appointments = more time for lashing.. If you have a lot of lashes, you’ll appreciate that extra half hour. CLASSIC: Natural, mascara looking 1:1 application (extension: natural lash) HYBRID: A mixture between Classic + Volume. A little fuller then Classics, but not as full as Volume. VOLUME: 2-5 Extensions applied to one of your natural lashes. Handmade lash fans are manipulated to create custom lash fans. Adds darkness to the eyelash line, creating an ‘eyeliner’ look. *If your currently wearing lashes, please schedule a phone consult before booking. ‘Foreign lash fills’ are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • How long do lash extensions take?
    The number of natural lashes you have + the type of look you’re trying to achieve will determine exactly how long your appointment will be. Full Sets are usually 2-4 hrs. Lash Infills (1-4weeks), can be 75 minutes - 2 hrs.
  • How long do lash extensions lash? What is an eyelash cycle?
    Indefinitely with routine Infill appointments! We recommend coming every 2-3 weeks for Infills to maintain your desired look. Just like the rest of the hair on our body, our eyelashes go through a hair growth/loss cycle. When we lose a lash, another lash is ready to grow in its place; losing on average 3-5 a day.
  • I don't look like a need a fill - why do I have to schedule before 29 days?
    What a client sees, looking face-on in a mirror, is totally different from what a lash artist sees looking at the back of the lashes. Even if they look great face-on, there is extension grow out & empty new growth that cannot be seen in a mirror. At the recommended fill times, you need to have about 50% extensions left. Of that percentage, another 10-15% will be removed & replaced. The general timing between fills is: ​ Classic--- 2-3 week Fill ( 10-20 days)/ 3-4 week Fill ( 21-28 days) Hybrid ---2-3 week Fill ( 10-20 days)/ 3-4 week Fill ( 21-28 days) Volume ---2-3 week Fill ( 10-20 days)/ 3-4 week Fill ( 21-28 days) ​ Do not cancel your fills based on how your lashes look to you. Your stylist will know your lashes better than you, so trust their recommended fill times to avoid paying more.
  • What's required at the time of booking?
    For full sets, Dream Lashes & Skin requires a deposit of 50% upon booking which is due within 72 hrs of requesting your appointment. Paid deposits are non-refundable, transferable just once + are applied towards your service total. You can also Send payments to DLS’s Venmo or contact us to be sent an invoice. All other services require you to add a valid credit card to our scheduler’s file. Without a paid deposit or a valid credit card on file, your appointment will not be approved.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Cancellation Policy: ​ DLS requires 48 hours notice for ALL appointment adjustments and cancellations. Complimentary reminder texts/emails are sent as a courtesy to help you remember your set appointment time.​ Changes before the 48 hr mark are accessible to you via your reminder confirmations, your online profile in our scheduler, or by text/phone call to DLS directly. Changes after the 48 hr mark are to be sent via text, email, or a phone call to DLS directly. All adjustments (including cancellations + reschedules) after this 48 hr. mark require a 50% service payment. All adjustments made within 24 hours of your appointment’s start time are considered ‘same day adjustments’ + are subject to a 100% service charge. You have 1 week from your missed appointment to apply payment. Failure to do so can result in all future services being canceled and/or being banned from the studio
  • Can bring someone to my appointment?
    For the health and safety of our private studio, no. Children, guests + pets are not allowed at your appointment.
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