Lash salon
Lash salon

Dream Lashes & Skin

Welcome to Dream Lashes & Skin  - We are a Natural Lash Health Salon!

Dream Lashes & Skin LLC  Located in Puyallup, WA exists to change the stigma that eyelash extensions are harmful or damaging to your natural lashes. With proper training, application and quality products, you can wear eyelash extensions indefinitely with your natural lash health intact and thriving. Just ask any of our long time clients!


We focus on providing eyelash extensions that do not overburden or damage your natural lash all while achieving the look you desire most.  Advanced education and lashing techniques are used to ensure your natural lash health is intact

Our joy and focus is solely in eyelash and skin services. While other salons may offer a multitude of different services, Dream Lashes & Skin  operates exclusively with lashes and skin care 

Specializing In Eyelash Extensions That Do Not Cause Damage To The Natural Lashes!

High-Quality Products

Many people underestimate the effect high-quality products have in this field. We do not cut ends by using inexpensive supplies. We guarantee that all lashes are made of sterilized PBT material and all adhesives are EU approved for health standards. 

Lash salon
Lash salon
Lash salon
Lash salon

What makes us so exceptional with eyelash extensions?

Dream Lashes & Skin  unlike other lash salons, doesn't charge by the count of lashes applied, nor for additional fullness. We have set pricing and times for each appointment, so you know what to expect each and every visit. 


We offer a three day grace period after application of lashes. If for any reason you're unhappy, let us know and receive a complimentary 30 minute touchup. (Free touchup must be used within 5 days of initial application) 


Here at Dream Lashes & Skin  we feel strongly about giving back to our local community. We often make donations to local charities. If our clients have a charity in mind they love, please let us know! We're always wanting to give back in anyway possible. 


  •  Classic 2018: Bella Lashes

  • Volume 2019: Sugarlash pro 

Texture workshops/advanced online classes 2018-current:


  • Esthetician License - Euro Institute of Skin Care- Esthetician 

  • Master Esthetician License  -Washington Laser Institute 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certified - Washington Laser Institute 

  • PCA Chemical Peel Certified -PCA

  • Eyelash Lift Certified -Euro Institute



Your natural lash health is of the utmost importance with us! No matter the set you may choose, rest assure that we are ALWAYS following these lash protocols:

 *Ensuring your lashes to be properly isolated, as to not snag or pull out your         natural  Lashes prematurely

  *Never extending the lash extensions more than 3mm of the length of your         natural lashes 

  *Choosing the most appropriate thickness of the extensions for your natural        lashes

  *Custom styling suited to fit your unique eye shape 


IMG_0834 2_edited.jpg
eyelash extensions +. Lash lift

How would I know?

*If your lashes are painful at the time of application

*If about a week or two after application, they start to get uncomfortable, ichy and you    can feel snagging on your naturals. This is due to the growth of the lashes revealing        that isolation was not up to par and is now pulling on each other.

*If you are unable to brush through your lashes and doing so causes discomfort

*Your extensions are all one length from your inner to outer eye

*Your lashes are not really extensions but are cluster used with the semi-permanent        glue used in lashing



In the top two pictures you can see the improper application that was done from another lash artist.

*The extensions used were to thick for her natural lashes

*There was no isolation used- meaning the lashes were stuck together

*The length of the extensions used were improper for the length of her natural lashes

*She complained of having discomfort for the day she got them done


We removed this set safely and gave her our most popular Hybrid Lashes! Leaving her with pain-free lashes and the confidence shes always had inside her! ( Bottom Picture)

volume eyelash extensions

What to do if you are experiencing any of these symptoms?


If you have damaged lashes there are only 2 options:


1-Go without extensions-Yikes! Who wants to do that, are we right?

2-Work on a lighter lash set that we can still style, flattering your face. As well as, boosting the grow of your lashes


Healthy lashes are still possible with our

Dream Lashes & Skin  Lash Recovery Program


My name is Olgera Haywood

Dream Lashes & Skin  began from a desire to create a space for women to express their feminine side fully and unapologetically. Modern day women are tasked with so much from being the center of home life to providing for their families in emotional, spiritual and often financial needs, and on top of all of that - we’re supposed to also exude femininity. 


Owner and Founder Olgera Haywood found this to be overwhelming as she navigated life as a working mom.  She took it as a personal challenge to create a space for any woman to express her femininity easily and effortlessly. Olgera  herself experienced that transformation through investing in self care and fell in love with how lash and skin treatments not only helped her confidence in her physical beauty - but also how it transformed how feminine she felt internally. 


The mission of Dream Lashes & Skin is simple - we bring the inner beauty that each woman who walks through the Dream Lashes & Skin  doors embodies to their own awareness. Each woman is unique in how her beauty is expressed, and the results driven services provided here at Dream Lashes & Skin  allow each and every single woman to UNLEASH her own unique femininity. 



Olgera's highest priority is continuing her education, to provide the most in-demand services in the best and safest ways possible.