Terms and Conditions


A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to reschedule or cancel a booked appointment free of charge



As a courtesy, appointment reminders are sent out 48 and 24 hours either by text, email or both. If an appointment is cancelled within 48hrs there is 50% of your service. If you cancel or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 100% of your service as a cancellation fee. If you reschedule or no show your appointment within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment time, you will be charged 100% of your service as a cancellation fee. If you need to change your service to a different one, such as a removal, I require 24 hours notice or you will still be charged for your existing appointment!. Acuity requires a credit card to hold your reserved appointment - this card will NOT be charged. Acuity holds your card information, so it's able to charge a cancellation fee, if necessary. aforementioned has occurred.


You are paying for artist time, products and other expenses used to provide you with a service. 

No refunds will be given for any reason on services or products. If you are unhappy with a service, you may contact us within 72 hours of your appointment to discuss your concerns and if a fix can be done to address your concerns, it will be done with a complimentary 30 minute express touch up application or product. Any concerns addressed after 72 hrs of your last appointment or if you fail to follow the proper after care instructions, you will be charged at full price for the service.

I will give a complimentary 30 minute express touch up if it is at the fault of application or productas long as you come see me within FIVE DAYS from your appointment. This is your window! If you choose to wait until your next fill then you are subject to normal fill policies.


It is required that you show up to your appt. with at least 40% of your eyelash extensions in order to be considered a "fill". If you book a fill and show up with less than that, a $20 up-charge will be added to your initial fill price. This DOES NOT mean you get more fill time. If you are missing too many lashes, you will be charged for a full set and/or may be asked to reschedule. If we choose to reschedule, you are still responsible for 100% of your fill's service price.

• TIP: If it looks like you need a fill, you have waited too long. Your lashes should look good all of the time - just less full. If you are missing 40% on just ONE eye, you are still falling into the 40% Rule.


No fills may be booked over 3 weeks + 3 days from your previous fill appointment. A fill scheduled at 3 weeks + 4 days will be cancelled and rescheduled as a removal and a Full Set (assuming there is enough time). That's 24 days maximum in between fills. NO exceptions.


Day 1: Just let them be! Don't fuss about.. allow the adhesive do it's job and completely cure- from the outside in. Wash, dry, comb daily. No picking or pulling. No sleeping on your face. NO MASCARA, facial oils near the eyes, or waterproof/waxy makeup. NO strip lashes. Wait 24 hours to get your spray tan. Beware of your hair products and setting sprays! Tears and sweat should be rinsed ASAP. Be aware of, and avoid heat from saunas, bbqs, ovens, boiling pots, hot showers, and that heat tunnel created between your face and your hand when you light up that cigarette or doobie.


 Wash your lashes .Before your appt., but also DAILY. Lash Extensions will not adhere to dirty natural lashes. All Full Set's include a Cleaning Kit, so you'll be leaving your first appt. ready for the next 2 months of Healthy Lash Extensions. Not cleansing daily creates a build up of dead skin cells, sebum, sweat, oils, etc. and can actually suffocate your eyelash line. Included in your eyelash appointment is one Lash Bath, but should you need another you'll incur a $10 up-charge. Eye disease is no joke, and I will not allow my clients to let bacteria breed upon their beautiful lash extensions.


If you, or another person in your household has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date. For your safety and that of our staff and other clients, please do not come to your appointment  sick. if it is assumed that you are currently sick , your appointment may be cut short or cancelled and rescheduled for when you are healthy again. As a working mom I understand the occasional family emergency may arise unexpectedly. 

A  one-time allowance of last minute cancellation will be permitted for sickness or family emergency, after that the  cancellation and no show policy is in effect. 



Please aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your schedule appointment time with a clear/make up free face (eyes & lashes). Extra time spent removing make up will mean less  time lashing. If you arrive after your schedule time, it may not be possible to extend the time for your booked service ; if your service is shortened due to your late arrival, you will still be charged the full cost of the service.


FOREIGN FILLS (new clients with lashes on already): My preference is to do a removal + new set, however there are some exceptions. Send me a picture of the current state of your eyelashes + a note with where you’ve been going and when your last fill date was - and I will see what I can do for you.


Certain circumstances & holiday seasons may leave you in a panic to squeeze in a last minute appointment that is outside of our normal business hours. After hours appointments maybe be available on a case by case basis for an additional $20fee. Please contact us directly to schedule your after hours appointment.


Due to safety and liability considerations and limited space, children may not accompany you to your appointment.NO children, pets, friends, will be allowed inside DLS during your appointment. There are exceptions to the rule, that being said YOU are responsible for your guest keeping quiet, acting appropriate, and them NOT being disruptive during your appt. Continuing to bring disruptive guests to our shared environment may result in cancellation of future appts. Your time is for you! To have your lashes maintained.


Please refrain from using your phone during your lash appointment. Due to effort and concentration required for application and time constraints, I am unable to read your text messages or tell you who is calling while you are getting your lashes done.


DLS is closed Sundays. You are welcome to contact me @ any time, however if your need is not an emergency, your situation will be attended to during normal business hours. Texting is my preferred form of communication, and I work hard to respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. • Your courtesy reminders are automatically sent out from my scheduler - do not respond to these texts.

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