1.  Appointments may be booked online, or though direct contact with DLS.

  2. Full Sets require a 50% deposit of the service. 

  3. Deposits are non-refundable + non-transferable. Deposits are applied towards your service total. Rescheduling +/or canceling absorbs this deposit + you must pay again upon rescheduling.

  4. Payment options: Credit Card, Venmo + CashApp. We do  accept cash but do not keep change on site.  

  5. Packages must be used within the timely guidelines set at purchase. Failure to use up your package in set time could result in a loss of your discounted or bonus services. All cancellation/rescheduling policies apply


  1. DLS requires 48 hours notice for ALL appointment adjustments and cancellations. Reminder texts/emails are sent as a courtesy to help you remember your set appointment time

  2. Any changes before the 48 hr mark are accessible to you via your reminder confirmations, your online profile in our scheduler, or by text/phone call to DLS directly. Get at it!

  3. Changes after the 48 hr mark (…the start time of your appt) result in a 50% service charge fee. 48 hrs-24 hrs adjustments require 50% payment of scheduled service.. Your card on file will be charged (or deposit will be applied), +/or you will be invoiced with 1 week to pay.

  4. All adjustments made within 24 hours of your appointmens start time are considered ‘same day adjustments’ and are subject to a 100% service chargeAdjustments made 24 hrs ahead of time + on the same day as your service are considered same day adjustments and are subject to 100% payment of scheduled service. Your card on file will be charged (or deposit will be applied), +/or you will be invoiced with 1 week to pay

  5. If you need to change your service to a different one, such as a removal, I require 24 hours notice or you will still be charged for your existing appointment!.

  6. Acuity requires a credit card to hold your reserved appointment - this card will NOT be charged. Acuity holds your card information, so it's able to charge a cancellation fee, if necessary. aforementioned has occurred.


  • Aim to come back with 50%. During your Infill appt, our goal is clean up your set + apply extensions on as many newly grown lashes as possible. DLS is always shooting for 85-100% fullness @ the end of your Infill appt.


  • 1/3 or less = a Removal + Full Set. Full Set appts take a lot longer than fills. Make sure you are scheduling enough time to get the service you want. If you are missing too many lashes at your appointment, you have two options: A) Removal + Schedule a full set: this option must be paid for + scheduled during this appt. B) We can work with the time we’ve got. DLS will do it’s best to evenly fill your lashes but can’t guarantee 85%+ fullness.

  • Trust your Artist. Olgera is an advanced lash artist who’s #1 focus is healthy lashing. Trust her recommendations when it comes to fill schedule + formula creations.


  • DLS Guarantees any and all services for up to 48 hours. Time starts the moment your appt is complete

  • DLS IS NOT A DR’s OFFICE. If you are having a medical condition you believe is related to your eyelash extensions you need to: 1. Call your Dr. (at your own expense) 2. Call, text or email DLS ASAP with a description of what you are feeling (send pictures!).Your medical condition needs to be attended to by a trained professional. DLS cannot give you medical advice

  • Call, text, email, dm. DLS is here for you. You’re welcome to contact DLS at any time, however if your need is not an emergency, your situation will be attended to during normal business hours. Texting is our preferred form of communication + we work hard to respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. Your courtesy reminders are automatically sent out via my scheduler - please do not respond to these texts.

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