Specializing in Eyelash Extensions that are

                        SAFE   on your Natural Lashes

Welcome Dream Lashes & Skin by Olgera. I am committed to looking after the health of your natural lashes whilst enhancing your natural beauty, either by lash extensions, lash lift & tint or skin treatment. Here at Dream Lashes & Skin I know how difficult it can be to fit everything into our busy lives, from meeting deadlines at work through to trying to stay fit and youthful. With this in mind, taking some time out for yourself with some relaxation, lash extensions are a welcomed treatment giving you that added confidence boost, taking away those insecurities that could be holding you back taking on those challenges you've always wanted to.

eyelash extensions in puyallup- Dream Lashes & Skin

Professional eyelash extensions in a clean,

solo studio.

We offer the best eyelash extension in Puyallup, wa. Natural eyelash extensions, no damage eyelash extensions



Classic lashes, naturally beautiful lashes giving you that 'mascara' look, they can last up to 2-3 weeks before they will need infilling or you can simply wait for them to all fall out and have a new set when the occasion rises.


Hybrid lashes, a fuller thicker look than the classic lashes for when you are trying to achieve a more dramatic look.

Lash lift & tint, for when you want a low maintenance solution. The lash lift does exactly what it says on the tin, lifting up the lashes to show the length. The tint finishes them off beautifully giving the illusion of wearing mascara. Lasts 6-8 weeks. 


We’ve had the privilege of taking care of hundreds of clients in the Puyallup  area, offering them a variety of effective, safe and affordable treatments. We are proud of our loyal clientele, and happy to share some of their feedback and stories below. Reach out today to learn how Dream Lashes & Skin LLC can help you in your journey.

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