Professional eyelash extensions in a clean, solo studio.


Let's simplify your morning routine and your life

   I know what it's like to be a busy woman. Who has time to get ready every day with everything else on our to-do list? Lash extensions are a luxurious service that allow you to get up and go. You always feel ready to face the day!

Save yourself time getting ready in the morning.  Save money on expensive mascara that doesn't work.  Spend your energy doing the things you really want to do.

Go out and live your life - treat yourself to eyelash extensions!

Specializing in protecting natural lash health for the busy woman, thus ensuring she can wear her eyelash indefinitely.

"Dream Lashes & Skin Mission 

is to provide safe, customized  service by a certified stylist using only quality products to promote lash knowledge, preservation and integrity." 


         BUSY MOMS REJOICE- lash extensions give you more time to do what you love- spend time with your family

         LOSE THE BULK- specializing in 9-5 daytime lashes for busy woman

         Lashes that are virtually Weightless for 24/h COMFORT





Eyelash Extensions are made from a synthetic material, created to imitate natural lashes. They come in a variety of colors, lengths, widths + curls. This means we are able to create a customized look that is appropriate for your natural lashes - while accomplishing your eyelash goals. Each extension (no matter which style you choose) will be individually placed on a properly isolated natural eyelash, ensuring your lashes continue to shed with your natural lash cycle. Extensions are adhered to your natural eyelashes only, and not to the skin; so keeping your natural lashes strong + healthy is DLS’s #1 objective. 

Natural lash health is highest priority during all of our services. Length and weight of the extensions are determined by the artist, and only extensions that your natural lashes can support will be applied, in order to prevent damage.

Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.


*Need help booking your appointment? Contact DLS with your full name, email/phone # and realistic availability here.

* 4 Weeks MAXIMUM in between fills, please review DLS’s Appointment Policies here.

• DLS does not carry lengths longer than 15mm.

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