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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatments

Offering Reiki and Energy healing treatments in Puyallup, WA

Reignite your golden light 
with Reiki

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing art that has been utilized for thousands of years. Reiki energizes and corrects imbalances in our energy bodies by connecting with and utilizing the Universal Life Force energy. This energy flows through all living things.


This is done through the use of hand positions along with Reiki symbols by a Reiki Practitioner. When the human organism is in optimal health this energy flows freely. When the energy system frequency is altered due to blockage, outside influences, or internal stimulus a person will demonstrate symptoms. These "symptoms" may become mild or severe and often manifest as acute or chronic illness, medical conditions, pain, fatigue, emotional and spiritual imbalances or even interpersonal relationship problems.


During a Reiki treatment the client is either sitting or lying down on a comfortable massage table.  The client remains fully clothed and no physical body manipulation is performed by the Reiki practitioner.  The Reiki practitioner will place their hands gently on or slightly above the body in various areas where we detect an imbalance in the Chakra energy.

Reiki Treatments in Puyallup, WA

Reiki is a Universal life energy field that flows through all living things. This life force has been available to humanity since the beginning of creation.This natural flow of energy flows automatically  through our bodies before we are born. Each Chakra or energy point in our body completely matures as we age in our physical  body. By the time we reach the age of 16-17 all Chakras are completely developed.


Over time, the flow of energy my become blocked, similar to a creek that become blocked with debris, the creek no long flow in its natural direction, therefore, our energy flow must  redirect the flow of energy in our body. This redirection of energy or blockage will cause bodily pain, anger, low self esteem, anxiety or the feeling of being lost in our life path. Fear, commonly known as the disease of the mind. Karma from a previous life will also created blockages in our bodies. 

How incredible would it feel to love yourself unconditionally?

  • Do you feel blocked, unhappy or in need of clarity?

  • Are your thoughts and emotions out of balance, leaving you feeling disconnected, depressed or desperate for change?

  • Are you feeling called to go deeper within yourself to feel closer to spirit?

    I get it! I’ve been there too. I have spent my entire life searching for meaning to it all, and through that search I have learned a few things. I am here to share my tools, techniques and healing with you. The same things that I have used on myself, allowing me to feel deep connection and self-love, giving me the keys to living a happier life. So ask yourself, how good would it feel to come into alignment with your own divine feminine and masculine? How incredible would it feel to love yourself unconditionally? Allow me to help guide you back to yourself. I can help you find deep self-love, giving you the key to your own happiness.

Reiki is for everyone

How Reiki can help you

As a Reiki Practitioner I  have been trained to channel our universal divine energy from your higher guides  into your body. I open myself up and become a channel/conduit.  I request from your guides to please channel healing energy that will assist you for your highest good.

Together we detect damage  in your Chakras, karmic cords, pain, injuries or  blockages.  By removing these blockages, we redirect your bodies natural flow of energy, we redirect and send healing energy to varies damaged portions of the patients body, mind and soul.    


Every human being has lived multiple lives. We may  bring forth into this life Karmic cords attached to us that deliverer great sadness, addictions, or fears. By severing the karmic cords that are no longer for the patients highest good the patient becomes more relax, reduction of pain and a sense of oneness. We remove you from your dark state of life into the light of spirit!  

Reignite your Golden Light with a relaxing Reiki treatment!

Feel the difference

Following a Reiki treatment the recipients body, mind and spirit are  adjusting to the re-balancing of their energy and the removal of toxins.


Many experience less physical/metal pain, guilt, being less emotional, physical wellness, psychic abilities, and  a clearer sense of body, mind and  spirit.


Everyone's experience is completely different from your treatment. Remember! you created your life's story/biography prior to your re-incarnation. Your truth will set you free!

Everyone is born with a gift, some open their gift sooner than others.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Are you ready to book your appointment?

Virtual Chakra Healing & Reiki Long Distance

The beautiful thing about energy is that it not restricted by the third dimension (time and space). The distance healing sessions are just as effective as an in-person healing session.


A distance crystal healing session starts with a pre-healing consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs and goals. During a distance healing session, a proxy is used to represent you, the client. During this session, you can sit comfortably or lay down in the comfort of your own home while the session is being performed virtually.


The sessions are 45mins to 1 hour. The session time includes the following; 

  • introduction to the session

  • the distance crystal healing

  • distance reiki

  • review of the session.

During the review of the session, I will review any imbalances that you had as well as provide suggestions on how to maintain the work that was performed. I will also suggest essential oils, crystals, or other tips that can be used to help balance your chakras in the future.


*Must be 18 years of age or older.

*If you prefer to use Facetime or another video service in place of Zoom, please let me know in the comment section when you request to book.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments generally last anywhere  from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I will perform an aura reading on you first then, your Reiki treatment next. I will check your Chakras, redirect path of energy in your body. I also utilize crystals during the session. I provide  a room filled with soft music and a energizing aroma. First time client will a reading after treatment with ample time for questions/answers.


*A parent must be present when performing Reiki Treatment on children under 18 years old.

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