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The Difference

With Dream Lashes & Skin - An Industry Leader in Lash Extensions & Skin

*If your lashes are painful at the time of application


*If about a week or two after application, they start to get uncomfortable, itchy and you can feel snagging on your naturals. (This is due to the growth of the lashes revealing that isolation was not up to par and is now pulling on each other.)


*If you are unable to brush through your lashes and doing so causes discomfort


*Your extensions are all one length from your inner to outer eye


*Your lashes are not really extensions but are clustered paired with the semi-permanent glue used in lashing.

Do you have damaged lashes due to improper application?

How to know;
Certified Lash Extension Artist
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist

In these pictures you can see the improper application that was done from another lash artist.

*The extensions used were to thick for her natural lashes

*There was no isolation used - meaning the lashes were stuck together

*The length of the extensions used were improper for the length of her natural lashes

*She complained of having discomfort for the day she got them done

How to fix bad lash extensions
Bad Lash Extensions
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist

Dream Lashes & Skin unlike other lash salons, doesn't charge by the count of lashes applied, nor for additional fullness. We have set pricing and times for each appointment, so you know what to expect each and every visit.

Not only are we experts at what we do, we utilize the best techniques in the industry, AND we're here to make you feel great! Your happiness is of the utmost importance. We offer a three day grace period after application of lashes. If for any reason you're unhappy, let us know and receive a complimentary 30 minute touchup.

(Free touchup must be used within 5 days of initial application) 

Our studio exclusively uses super-soft, ellipse lashes that are weightless comparing to standard eyelash extensions to preserve health of your natural lashes. Ellipse lashes adhere to natural lashes much better and stronger, giving most clients amazing retention for 3+ weeks, when proper aftercare steps are followed. 

Our high quality, low fume (formaldehyde-free and latex-free) adhesives doesn't require 24hr "no shower/no water" rule. You can take a shower in as little as 2 hours.

Clients receive very generous, complimentary aftercare package and detailed instructions to ensure the best lash retention and protection for their investment.

What makes us so exceptional?

The Difference with Dream Lashes & Skin

The difference

in skincare

Transform your skin with Cosmedix Elite products. Dream Lashes and Skin is experienced in advanced skincare techniques, and utilizes professional products that truly show results. 

Cosmedix Elite products feature higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription. Our Cosmedix facials and peels are highly advanced metabolic peels with guaranteed results. Each peel series must begin with our Peel Prep Facial that will allow your skin therapist to correctly assess your skin and develop an individual treatment plan.

Experience the difference with Dream Lashes and Skin in Puyallup, WA.

Advanced Skincare in Puyallup, WA

Dream Lashes & Skin is a private modern home studio, that truly cares about the products and techniques used to create the services you see on this website.


We provide a luxurious experience, with the highest quality products and most advanced techniques in the industry. We utilize the Cosmedix advanced skincare line, along with Keratin lash lifting products, and the light weight ellipse lashes for our extension services.

Many of the products we use are vegan, fragrance free and made with natural ingredients. Our experience in the industry has brought us to these products, and we highly recommend everything used in the salon. 

If you have questions about specific products, feel free to reach out and we can chat about ingredients, recommendations and more.

High quality products + top tier techniques

Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist
Puyallup Esthetician and Lash Artist

I think you deserve a self-care day...

let's get you on the books!

Exceptional Eyelash Application in Puyallup WA
Proper Lash Care in Puyallup

The above sets were removed safely, and we applied a brand new set with proper techniques, to ensure lash health + integrity! ​

We always follow these protocols;

*Ensuring your lashes to be properly isolated, as to not snag or pull out your natural lashes prematurely

*Never extending the lash extensions more than 3mm of the length of your natural lashes

*Choosing the most appropriate thickness of the extensions for your natural lashes

*Custom styling suited to fit your unique eye shape 

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